BOBST Connect

Digital age manufacturing – happening with BOBST Connect

BOBST Connect is an all-in-one digital platform that enhances and improves your packaging productivity.

It brings data and digital services together in one fully connected platform, with BOBST machine insights and expertise built-in, enabling overview and orchestration of the production process. BOBST Connect is constantly evolving, so it serves you both now and into the future.

Along with its connectivity, BOBST Connect provides solutions around process management, production data and insight – designed to enable improved planning, better-informed decision-making, faster and more effective intervention, and continual optimization.

These benefits are enabled with data, tools and applications to support you across every step of your manufacturing process: preparation, production, reaction, maintenance, optimization, and reporting.

“The wealth of data produced by BOBST Connect unlocks advances in efficiency, quality and productivity for our customers”, says Léonard Badet, CTO of BOBST.


The benefits of BOBST Connect

  • An easy, smooth introduction to the data-driven world
  • Priority remote technical support (including video-enabled) based on real-time data, to enable faster resolution and reduced downtime
  • User centric platform puts you at the heart of everything, and in control of everything, with an interface that is intuitive, clear, and easy to use