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The launch of Customer Reference Site is part of Bobst China 4.0 Strategy, aiming at building a win-win partnership for BOBST and existing customers who are the industry top performers, and providing a platform where two parties work closely in various areas and ensure BOBST CRS to achieve the best Swiss-quality solutions & services, so to set the industry benchmark for the market and then develop mutual growth.


Huaxin (Foshan) Color Printing Co., Ltd.

The predecessor of Huaxin (Foshan) Color Printing Co., Ltd. was Foshan Color Printing Factory, which was founded in 1964. In 2000, Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd. wholly acquired Huaxin (Foshan) Color Printing Co., Ltd. and was listed as a whole. At present, Huaxin is a state-owned printing and packaging enterprise controlled by China Paper Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of China Chengtong Group.

For more than 50 years, Huaxin Color Printing has established a foothold in Foshan and has formed a market layout for domestic and overseas markets. It has accumulated rich experience in the production and technological innovation of folding cartons, wet glue labels, self-adhesive labels, shrink labels, and has become one of the well-known domestic packaging service providers. At present, Huaxin Color Printing provides high-quality packaging and printing services for more than 100 domestic and foreign companies.



Sichuan Kuanzhai Government Printing Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Kuanzhai Printing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned holding company of Sichuan China Tobacco. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a national safety production standardization second-level enterprise,with a Sichuan provincial technical center and a CNAS laboratory. Sichuan Kuanzhai Printing Co., Ltd.  is the only designated production site for duty-free tobacco packaging by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, mainly provides tobacco packaging for Sichuan China Tobacco, Hubei China Tobacco, Zhejiang China Tobacco, Guangdong China Tobacco, Fujian China Tobacco and other enterprises.

In 2019, Kuanzhai Printing ranked first in the comprehensive competitiveness of 60 supporting materials companies in the tobacco industry. In 2020, it was awarded as 2019 Excellent Quality Tobacco Packaging Enterprise in the 15th Anniversary Tobacco Packaging Series Selection Activity of the Jinding Yinfang Cup. In 2021, it was awarded the Honesty Enterprise in Sichuan Province.

Shaanxi Yusheng Printing Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Yusheng Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located at No. 3, Beisuo Road, Fengjing Industrial Park, Hu County, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, with a registered capital of 20 million CNY. It is an emerging service provider that provides folding cartons for the pharmaceutical industry. Yusheng Printing mainly provides high-speed machine-use folding cartons, electronic supervision code services, and a variety of anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling solutions. The company adheres to the concept of quality comes from design quality, combined with the safety requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, scientifically and rationally design U-shaped logistics routes to prevent material confusion and reduce logistics handling routes.

Yusheng Printing has installed a 6-color printing machines from Germany with  inline coating, BOBST's die-cutters and folder-gluers, as well as some UV coding and quality control systems. It pays attention to the graphic design of the product, and invests in the structural design and process design of the product to provide customers with rapid response services for new product design. Advanced packaging concept, reasonable and scientific structure, proper processing, and presenting the best counter effect and packaging effect of the products to customers is our ultimate goal.

In terms of quality control, Yusheng Printing cooperated with Luster. All production lines are equipped with online image inspection equipment to provide customers with stable products. At the same time, it is also conducive to the tracing of product problems and continuous improvement. When encountering quality problems, the company uses quality management tools such as brainstorming, fishbone diagrams and A3 reports to identify the root cause of the problem, improve and prevent it, so as to effectively avoid the recurrence of quality problems and improve customer satisfaction .

Yusheng Printing's production environment adopts a fully enclosed, constant temperature, and constant humidity workshop, which plays a very good role in protecting the process of paper converting . Yusheng Printing uses Ecolab's mosquito control solutions to ensure that products are not affected by biological contamination. The logistics channel of the company workshop adopts automatic fast rolling doors, which effectively eliminates noise, dust, odor defects and creates a safe and comfortable environment.


Contact:雷朝阳 Lei Chaoyang  13991917162


Matsuoka Printing Co., Ltd.

Matsuoka Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 with a registered capital of 50 million CNY. It is mainly engaged in the printing of high-end folding carton and anti-counterfeiting tickets for consumer products, and is committed to providing customers with integrated packaging and printing solutions and services. Matsuoka Printing has 300 employees and has a modern workshop of 56,000 square meters , which meets the food industry production (QS) standards and the printing requirements of national secret carriers.

Matsuoka printing advocates the concept of cutting-edge equipment, efficient management, and has established many world-leading production lines, including Heidelberg presses, BOBST die-cutters, BOBST folder gluers etc.,  Its process covers general offset printing, UV printing, screen printing, embossing, cold stamping, hot foil stamping, coding,  die cutting, folding & gluing and other applications.

Matsuoka Printing takes scientific and technological innovation as the driving force for development, builds a professional R&D team, develops high-tech products, and expands business. Now it serves leading companies in the industries such as Comfort, Glico, Pecho Ling, Proya, Longrich, Wufangzhai, Liangpinpu, Xianju Pharmaceutical and other industries.

联系人|Contact:金圣易 Jin Shengyi


Shanghai Shengtong Times Printing Co., Ltd

Shanghai Shengtong Times Printing Co., Ltd is founded on May, 2012 which is a wholly-owned subsidiaries of Beijing Shengtong Print Co., Ltd ( stock code: 002599) based in Shanghai with a 160 million yuan registered capital. We inherit the entrepreneurship of parent company -- diligent, focus, innovative, development, and brings vitality to the printing industry. Focusing on packaging and books printing, Shengtong Times Printing strives to develop new printing technology, and takes the road of industry development. Located in Shanghai, facing the Yangtze River Delta, Shengtong Times Printing commits to constructing domestic printing pattern of Shengtong Group.
Company has the world first-class set of equipment and technology, provide customers from product design, material selection test, plate making, printing, post-press logistics, etc. Having a modern workshop of 60000 square meters, production strictly in accordance with industry standard, form a complete set of advanced air purification pressurization system, constant temperature and humidity system, production safety video monitoring system, prevent mosquito and pest prevention system.
 In order to guarantee the high quality of the products, the company is equipped with world first-class equipment such as KBA Rapida 145,162a printing machine, BOBST large-format high-speed laminating machine, automatic die-cutting machine, high-speed pasting box machines, annual output can reach 80 million square meters color tile which guarantee the large-scale production needs of customers.
With domestic outstanding and specialized talented person, closely with customer R&D department to research and development of good interaction, according to customer demand, customized product structure, finished product size, color, surface finishing, anti-counterfeiting, precision deployment of bearing, support, and other technical indicators, with leading design concept, and a wealth of industry experience, to provide excellent solutions, to meet the needs of high-end offset printing box and carton products for China and abroad customers.
Relying on the advanced pre-press plate-making technology, CTP system, GMG color management system, system, CIP3 ink preset, GMI QTI/printing closed-loop color management system and other industry leading technology, these all solve the problems of color reduction and consistency. During production process, we strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental safety system, and implement a comprehensive quality control, the company has passed the FSC, ICTI, green printing standards. We strictly ensure the high quality of product.

Contact: Kong Qin
Tel: 86-21-3791-0000-8109
E-mail: kongqin(at)

Guangzhou Hengyuan Printing Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993. We have experience in serving for customers from publication, commercial promotion, and industries. In addition to domestic giants, our customers are mainly from Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Belgium, USA, Japan, Australia, South Africa, UK, Latin America, etc. We are OHSAS18001/SA8000:2008/FSC/ISO9001/ISO14001 certified.
Our advanced prepress, press, binding, finishing machines, enable us to offer the most efficient production and service for our clients. Strategically located in south China gives shorter production and delivery lead time, because of higher material availability better infrastructure.
Reactivity for satisfaction clarification to meet customers’ demands

  • Quantity of job: Capable of handling huge number of orders by our advanced equipment which are operated by skilled staffs
  • Lead time: Once we receive an order, our production coordinator will coordinate the job schedule and finish our production and delivery within 3 weeks after artwork approval
  • Material request: We will choose the right material according to customers’ specifications. Wide variety of paper and ink best match finishing result
  • Document: Customers’ file can be prepared by media, or sent through FTP
  • Proof and sample. Digital proof will be ready for customers’ confirmation and Samples can also be available within 10 days.

Quality control procedure

  • Customers’ art proof ---Checked by file operating department
  • Layout---Checked by a production coordinator and send to the customer
  • Ozalid---Checked by a production coordinator and send to the customer (one full set)
  • Sample proof---Checked by a supervisor of printing department and re-confirmed by production coordinator
  • Packing---Checked by QC staff of Delivering Department
  • Delivery---Arranged by a Shipping coordinator. Checked by the supervisor of export department.

Our strategy image enhancing solution provider

  • Rigid Box
  • Folding Carton
  • Commercial Printing
  • Leaflet/Brochure/Bag
  • Magazine/Book
  • Point-of-Purchase Display.

Contact: Wang Wenna
Tel: 86-20-6683-4568
E-mail: wangwn(at)

Liansheng (Xiamen) Offset Printing Co., Ltd.

Lian Sheng, founded in 1991, is a modern printing and packaging enterprise, which is invested by Lian Sheng (HK) Holding Limited. In China mainland. With production bases in Xiamen,Putian,Dalian, Suzhou,Dongguan and Burma, we also set branch offices in US, Hong Kong and Vietuam, in order to serve our customers all over the world. Lian Sheng started its business from paper packaging printing, and gradually extended to different product categories, such as shoes, lighting, building materials (bathroom), electric appliance, outdoor sports, food & medicine, jewelry and retail channels packages, becoming customers preferred vendor of providing packaging solutions.
Lian Sheng has great strength in investing advanced world level and industry-leading facilities, such as multi-width printing machines, high automatic post-press equipment and smart testing devices. With the application of pre-printing management and advanced color management system, and equipped with series of automatic production facilities, we are committed to offering the best-price and best-quality products efficiently to our customers all over the world.
Lian Sheng always adheres to fully implement of “Quality Is Our Reputation, Quality Is Our Future” quality policy. We have been certified to ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System since 2000, and progressively got the social responsibility and technical certification, such as Wal-Mart ES, FSC, BSCI, 3C, QS, Rohs, GMI, G7. Only with best quality and perfect service can reward to our customers.
We focus on the application of new material and new technology, investing millions in R&D machines and talents, so as to provide integrative packaging solution to customers with pre-printing graphic design, structure design, and logistics distribution.
Lian Sheng is dedicating to becoming industry-leading supplier, by providing competitive and high-end product packaging solutions. We are always committed to pursuing excellence, continuous innovation, service upgrading, and sustainable operation.

Contact: Eugene Weng
Tel: 86-592-6518008
E-mail: yjweng(at)


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