Productivity apps

Keep an eye on your machines wherever you are, whenever you want. Our suite of web applications allows you to monitor your production from a computer, a tablet and even a smartphone. Turn your plant into a Smart Factory by enabling the Apps on your entire shop-floor, regardless of the types or brands of equipment.

Connect Portal & Mobile Portal

The Connect Portal allows you to keep track of your main performance indicators, such as OEE, and it provides actionable insights to gain control and drive improvements based on data captured directly from the heart of the machine. It also shows historical data, and reports can be generated for analysis purposes. With the Mobile Portal all of it is accessible from your smartphone.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is a comprehensive production reporting tool designed to quickly access detailed machine production, process and technical data. Made for decision makers, lean manufacturing and six sigma practitioners, it provide near real-time and historical data to be analyzed by shift, day, machine facility and enterprise. To empower problem-solving, Remote Monitoring also includes functions such as a self-managed alerts and customizable dashboards and displays.

Downtime tracking

Downtime Tracking makes it easy to get accurate root cause stoppage analysis for a specific machine or an entire shop floor. With Pareto charting you will gain full control over your improvement initiatives. Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) reports as well as automatic alert capabilities make Downtime Tracking a very useful tool for production improvements. The Downtime Tracking App helps you make informed decisions on where to focus your resources in order to increase your uptime and track how your investments pay off.



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