As a leading technology company in the packaging world, we shape the industry, with BOBST holding the No. 1 or 2 position in each segment. All members of the Group are leading – and ensure continuous innovation. We shape the future by developing new business models. We anticipate the transformation of the packaging world by expanding our technology reach. Across labels, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board, we gain insights to sustainably support our customers to answer the current and future consumer needs – and to respond to the challenges of brand owners, retailers and e-tailers across a flexible and agile workflow.

Brand Owners, small or large, are under pressure from local and global competitors and changing market expectations. They face many challenges, like shorter time-to-market, smaller lot sizes and the need to build consistency between physical and online sales. The current packaging value chain remains very fragmented where every phase in the process is isolated into silos. The new requirements require all key players to have an "end to end" view. Printers and converters want to remove waste factors and errors from their operations.

Across the whole production workflow, more fact-based and timely decisions will be made. At BOBST we have a vision for the future where the entire packaging production line will be connected. Brand Owners, converters, toolmakers, packers, and retailers will all be part of a seamless supply chain, accessing data across the entire workflow. All the machines and tooling will "talk" to each other, seamlessly transmitting data through a cloud-based platform orchestrating the entire production process with quality control systems.

At the heart of this vision is BOBST Connect, an open architecture cloud-based platform delivering solutions for pre-press, production, process optimization, maintenance and market access. It ensures an efficient dataflow between digital and physical worlds. It will orchestrate the entire production process from the client’s PDF to the finished product.


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