Board of Directors

Alain Guttmann - Chairman

1958, Swiss national.
MScE, University of Lausanne (HEC).
Since 2005 Managing partner of Alpavest SA, Switzerland.
2000-2004 Founder of SFF Financial Services, and manager of a private equity vehicle.
1996-2000 Ernst & Young Consulting: Executive Vice President Central Europe and CEO for Switzerland.
1986-1996 Director and partner of ICME management consulting Lausanne and Paris.
1983-1986 Marketing brand manager for Jacobs Suchard.
Other Board Memberships in Switzerland: Alpavest SA, Vufflens-le Château; BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA, Lausanne, Chairman; Biokema SA, Crissier; CIEL Électricité SA, Lausanne; JBF Finance SA, Buchillon; LBIS SA, Buchillon; Voxia Communication SA, Geneva; Wider SA, Montreux; Retripa SA, Crissier.

Thierry de Kalbermatten - Vice Chairman

1954, Swiss national.
BA, University of Lausanne (HEC). MBA, IMD Lausanne, Switzerland.
1994-2005 Member of Bobst Group Executive Committee, Switzerland.
1990-1994 Head of Logistics Department at Bobst SA, Switzerland.
1986-1990 Marketing Manager at Bobst Group Inc., Roseland, USA.
1984-1986 Rolex SA, Geneva, Switzerland.
1980-1982 UBS, Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland.
Other Board Memberships in Switzerland: JBF Finance SA, Buchillon, Chairman.

Jürgen Brandt

1956, Swiss and German national.
Bachelor of Science in Economic Engineering (Dipl. Wirtschafts-Ingenieur), Esslingen, Germany.
Since 2015 Owner of Brandt International Consulting GmbH, Switzerland.
2010-2014 CFO of Sulzer Ltd, Winterthur, Switzerland.
2007-2010 CFO and Member of the Management Board, Austrian Energy & Environment Group, Austria.
2006-2007 CFO of Von Roll Inova, Zurich, Switzerland.
2006 CFO of Power Group Europe, Foster Wheeler, Finland.
2005-2006 CFO of Sylvania Lighting International Ltd, Germany.
1999-2004 Senior Vice President Finance Power and Environment Division, Alstom Power, France and Belgium.
1997-1999 CFO of Alstom Boilers GmbH, Germany.
Other Board Memberships in Switzerland: Belimed Life Science AG, Sulgen.

Gian-Luca Bona

1957, Swiss national.
Prof. Dr. for Photonics ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne.
Since 2009 Director Empa - Material Science & Technology, Switzerland.
2008-2009 Director Tape Storage Solutions, IBM Server and Technology Group, Tucson, USA.
2004-2008 Research Manager Science & Technology, Director Tape Storage Solutions, IBM San Jose and Tucson, USA.
1987-2004 Research Staff member and Research Manager Photonics, IBM Research Laboratory, Rüschlikon, Switzerland.
Other board Memberships in Switzerland: Comet Group AG, Flamatt; Technopark Zurich Foundation, Zurich; Glatec Technology Center, Dübendorf, Chairman; Swiss Innovation Park Foundation Zurich, Zurich; ETH Board, Bern; Swiss Innovation Park Ost AG, St. Gallen.
Bundesanstalt für Materialien (BAM), Berlin, Germany.

Philip Mosimann

1954, Swiss national.
Master degree of Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
since 2016 Chairman of the board of directors at Bucher Industries AG, Niederweningen, Switzerland.
2002-2016 CEO at Bucher Industries AG, Niederweningen, Switzerland.
1997-2001 Executive Director at Sulzer Textile AG, Winterthur, Switzerland.
1982-1997 Engineer and division Head at Sulzer AG, Winterthur, Switzerland.
Other Board Memberships in Switzerland: Bucher Industries AG, Niederweningen, Chairman; Uster Technologies AG, Uster, Chairman; Ammann Group Holding AG, Langenthal, Chairman.
Vanderlande Holding B.V., Veghel, Netherlands.