NOVAFOIL 106 - Hot foil stamper

Premium cross and inline foiling

Equipped for inline and cross foiling, NOVAFOIL 106 features a specially developped hot foil stamping section. A prolonged dwell time combined with an even temperature and increased pressure ensure an amazing embellishment quality. Easy setups and economic foil use allow maximum uptime and more cost-efficient production. Versatile, reliable and long-lasting, this hot foil stamper gives an excellent return on investment and keeps customers happy, while enabling the development of new business opportunities.

Efficient, versatile and cost effective

  • In-line and cross foiling: equipped with up to 4 reels per single pass to ensure high productivity and flexibility on layouts
  • Foil-saving technology allowing optimal foil use
  • Also suited for hologram application
  • Embossing, debossing and structured images ensure top class differentiation
  • Short setup and reduced patching for increased uptime

High-quality embellishment

  • Sophisticated platen section with latest BOBST technology for remarkable embellishment quality
  • Allows application of intricate designs as well as impeccable foiling of big surfaces
  • Highly automated for ease of use, precision and high productivity

Operator-friendly ergonomics

  • Easy access to all functions and settings as well as to the hot foil stamping area permits maximum convenience and efficiency
  • Quick set-ups and changeovers with semi-automatic foil roll changeovers and OACS
  • HMI SPHERE with data control and movable screens for efficient and time-effective set-up and production
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