VISION RX 400F l 400FTD - Extrusion coaters

High performance and flexibility

The VISION RX 400F is a is a custom-built extrusion coating and laminating line that delivers outstanding performance in the production of multi-layer composite structures for a variety of flexible packaging applications. The compact design and user-friendly features enable fast job changeovers and optimum accessibility to all sections and functions.  

The  VISION RX 400FTD tandem configuration enables converters to widen their flexible packaging production range to produce complex composite structures in one pass by performing additional inline processes. 

Superb quality 

  • Very precise control of web tension capable of handling a full range of flexible substrates 
  • Gentle processing and mixing of sensitive/delicate raw materials
  • In-house technology for all processes.

Versatile and upgradable

  • Possibility to combine different processes in line
    • primer coating
    • lacquering
    • flexo or gravure printing

  • Upgradable to tandem configuration 
  • Common equipment with BOBST gravure and laminating lines for parts interchangeability.

Full control of operations

  • Connectivity features to enable access to production data from remote devices
  • Full control on reel change on both directions with possibility to set reel length, diameters and synchronized splicing
  • User-friendly HMI for managing a complex system of set-up up and controls.
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