MASTERFOLD 75 | 110 - Folder-gluer

Non-stop production

When only the highest productivity will do: the world's fastest, most automated, most versatile and most ergonomic folder-gluer line. The MASTERFOLD can be set up in minutes and delivers efficient and reliable non-stop production of outstanding quality products.

Round-the-clock speed and efficiency

  • Operating speed up to 600 m/min
  • Remarkable level of automation
  • Can be completed with dedicated peripherals to create a highly automated, high-performance folding-gluing line

Unrivalled versatility

  • Offers an extreme variety of folding options
  • Feeds all types of material
  • Available with a great range of devices for exceptional production versatility

Immaculate boxes

  •  Perfect folding and gluing, even delicate and odd-shaped boxes
  •  Automatic ejection of faulty boxes
  •  Available with ACCUCHECK, for zero-fault packaging