MASTERFOIL 106 PR - Hot foil stamper

Extreme precision, highest speeds

MASTERFOIL 106 PR is the result of many thousands of hours of R&D and is jam-packed with clever features. They include many patents, all designed to deliver the highest foiling quality and productivity on the market. Its lower beam cam movement, for example, allows for longer impressions. This means less heat, less pressure, and higher quality. A brand new foil unwind system makes changing foils as easy as pressing a button, while simultaneously delivering huge savings in foil usage.

Unrivalled foiling and embossing

  • Unmatched foil stamping and embossing
  • Sharpest details and delicate stamping, whatever the substrate

Breathtaking productivity

  • Production speed up to 8,000 s/h, even for light materials such as paper
  • Short set-up and easy control for maximum production time
  • Dedicated system for efficient production-data management

Cost saving and sustainable

  • Optimal foil advance - minimal stamping gap at maximum speed - for 50% less foil use
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