MASTERFLUTE TOUCH - Litho-laminator

The latest generation of in-line laminating

The latest generation of BOBST high performance sheet to web laminator with a performance of maximum 220 m/min or 12'000 sheets/hour.

The laminator can be ideally combined with our improved Module Facer MF 324 (220 m/min).

MASTERFLUTE TOUCH includes a progressive sheet alignment system POWERALIGNER without front stop and mechanical side lay, sensing the sheet edges with optical sensors eliminating mechanical stops and risks of sheet damage.

It achieves a consistent overlap resulting in more accurate die cutting and minimized waste.

The new design emphasizes the new era of outstanding High Performance Laminators, which takes in account increased noise limitations as well as low energy consumption.

MASTERFLUTE TOUCH is ideal to serve mature markets with high volumes and ultra precise tolerances. Even for very large formats and very low base weights high production efficiency can be guaranteed.

Increased accuracy at higher speeds

A totally new sheet feeder with a direct-driven bridge conveyor, combined with the POWERALIGNER sheet aligning system, positions sheets with great accuracy even at highest speeds.

An improved vacuum belt design ensures reliable transport of the corrugated board line to the laminating point, while a new side and cross trimmer with a helicoidally shaped cut-off knife provides accurate sheet dimensions within small tolerances and with minimum waste.

Automatically and continuously controlled glue gap of the GAPRO system applies a minimum amount of adhesive. Minimized glue and therefore moisture, as well as improved board flatness allows faster die cutting reducing your intermediate stock and results in unmatched board quality.

  • Reliable, unmatched high output at improved register accuracy
  • Fully Matic set up, low waste
  • Touch screen operating panel
  • Live cams for remote operation
  • Process cams with 24h footage storage (Option)
  • Production administration software package with statistical data capturing
  • XXL format option
  • Reduced base weight for Litho sheets possible
  • Custom tailed configuration
  • Excellent board quality with lowest glue consumption
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Short 'make ready' at job change
  • Operation by 1-2 operators, depending on configuration
  • High speed at longer formats
  • Future proof by extended optional equipment
  • Sound reduction by new design
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